Victoria E. Umaru is a positivity enthusiast and a passionate change advocate. In pursuit of her desires to write, she has become a lawyer, speaker, presenter, poet and an entrepreneur. She dreams of an even world where everyone is indiscriminately empowered to become the fullest expression of themselves. Her vision is to impact positivity to the world through every means possible. 
Victoria Umaru is gifted and multi-talented. She believes to whom much is given much is required. Because of this, she has carved out a unique story to tell to the world in order to create beautiful memories in the hearts of people. She believes everyone is beautifully and wonderfully made to the extent that they have to find this out and be the best versions of themselves in order to light the world in colors and make it the peaceful place it was meant to be.

Her interest is predicated into impacting lives through every positive means possible. "It is a world of possibilities." She believes, "And everyone ought to have access to the good life." No wonder her books, messages, and entertainment all drive towards one direction - life! "For what purpose is it to be born to die and yet die before we die?" She says. 

Victoria believes all are capable, both to love and be loved. And to this extent, that all have light within them waiting to be ignited. To her, darkness needs no adversity at all. If we as one humanity decide to show forth our light darkness does not stand a chance. It is therefore time to ignite our passion in order to shine as the light we are.

Her love for her motherland is not left out as it is expressed in no small measure through her outreach to 'safe them young' and the campaign geared towards creating the alternative future we were meant to have. Her path towards being an instrument of change seems not to only transform lives aftrrall but to transform the country of Nigeria to the original blueprint designed by the creator.


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